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Economic Development Research and Analysis

Bone Wells Urbecon undertakes a wide range of assignments involving economic research and analysis. Typically this may include:

  • Policy research
  • Local and regional economic assessments
  • Employment Land studies

We have been engaged by Regional Development Agencies to assist in enhancing regional growth, taking acount of experience in Germany and elsewhere, and, at a lower sub regional level, advised on stimulating cluster development in urban areas.  Recent work has focused on local area economic assessments and initiatives to support existing companies and attract inward investment.

Depending on the nature of the work we may use primary research techniques to collect data directly from surveys and interviews or secondary methods to review reports and other published materials. Company surveys are conducted to establish business’s needs and proposed expansion.

Case studies include:

    • RES Subregional Study (Part1)

      BWU was the lead consultant for this major study examining means of achieving higher regional income per capita in the Eastern Region


    • City Growth London South Central

      BWU undertook the pilot City Growth project in London South Central. Included customising the Porter/ICIC approach to the UK, undertaking a detailed analysis of the local economy