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About us

We are a firm of economists, planners, researchers and business people. We are committed to delivering high quality work that supports policy makers, strategists and practitioners reach their objectives. We are driven by a common desire to improve policy-making in the UK and in the global marketplace.

By focusing on the ultimate needs of our clients and what they are trying to achieve, we believe that we can provide the insights and evidence that they need to make a positive difference.

As evaluators, project managers and business people we are alert to what has, and has not worked. This is what drives our approach to projects, and what, we believe, sets us apart.

Bone Wells Urbecon was formed following the merger of Bone Wells Associates, Urbecon, Platinumlinks and Management Focus in early 2009. This brought together an experienced team with a significant track record in delivering economic development and planning assignments.

To see what we have achieved for our clients please review the sections called “Services” and “Knowledge Base”, which set out our methods and areas of expertise.